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Sustainable Land Use in Indian Agriculture – Challenges and Issues – A Way Forward (ABSTRACT)

                       Sustainable Land Use in Indian Agriculture  – Challenges  and Issues
                                                              – A Way   Forward
                   We all know that the supply land is perfectly inelastic (fixed) in relation to its demand. Hence, it must be used judiciously. Land represents an important resource for the economic life of a majority of people in this world. The way people handle and use land resources impacts their social and economic life as well as the sustained quality of land resources. The growing development, increasing population, urbanization and industrialization is increasing pressure on land resource. Due to unplanned and haphazard use of land resources, it gets increasingly affected by the conflicting land uses, besides posing serious concerns and negative impacts. The concerns can even become more serious in an emerging country like India, which has at present over 17.86% of world’s population living on 2.4% of the world’s geographical area. Land use planning and management is a known strategy for achieving sustainable development. A properly prepared land use plan based on sound scientific and technical procedures, and land utilization strategies can summarize rationally for the future demands. Since the earth Summit in 1992, the international community, individual countries, communities, civil society and businesses have increasingly become aware of the environmental impact of land use.

                  A sustainable land use in agriculture , especially in India must satisfy a large variety of requirements, including technological feasibility, economic viability, political desirability, administrative manageability, social acceptability, and environmental soundness. Real world conditions at farm and policy-making levels need to be substantially improved to achieve sustainable land  use management. In the twenty-first century, food production systems has to meet the  three major requirements - (a) Adequately supply of safe nutritious, and sufficient food for the growing population. (b) Significantly reduce rural poverty by sustaining the farming-derived component of rural household incomes. (c) Reduce and reverse natural resource degradation, especially that of land. It is now known that these challenges will need to be resolved in the face of significant but highly unpredictable changes in global climate—a key factor in natural and agro ecosystem productivity. Other major issues that will influence how agriculture evolves to meet the challenge of food security include globalization of markets and trade, the increasing market orientation of agriculture, significant technological changes, and increasing public concern about the effects of unsustainable natural resource management. In this circumstances, this Paper make an attempt to Study the following objectives:

1.      To Study sustainable land use in Indian Agriculture.
2.      To Study impending impacts of climate change and variability issues that have direct bearing on agricultural land use and Rural development.
3.      To Study outlines possible technologies that are land-based activities for effective agro-technology transfer strategies and approaches.
4.      To Study how land use planning activities are likely to improve nutrition and food security and enhance the livelihoods of the small and marginal farmers.
5.      Challenges, Issues and Suggestions.

Methodology: The Study is based on the Secondary data and information accessed from relevant Journals, Books, News Papers, Websites and Reports.

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Curriculum Vitae of S. Vijay Kumar, Professor (Associate) Up dated Up to July, 2017

Head & Professor (Associate) of Economics (Retd.), Kakatiya Govt. UG&PG College (NAAC “A” Grade) Department of Economics, Affiliated to Kakatiya University, Warangal, Telangana State, India.

My Articles cited as “References” (12) in Google Scholar Citations.
Other Citations: (10)

Vijay Kumar Sarabu, Ph.D, 
Head & Professor (Associate) of Economics (Retd.)
Education: M. A., Ph. D
Research Experience: More than 2 decades
Countries Visited: USA
Member Board of Studies Kakatiya University, Warangal
Member Research Committee Kakatiya Govt. UG & PG College, Hanamkonda
Member Resource Committee
Course Coordinator for Economics
Research Project Completed: (01) MRP Sanctioned by UGC (SERO), Hyderabad
Total Publications of the faculty: 104
Total No. of My Publications cited as “References”: 12 (In Google Scholars’ Citations)
Total No. of My Publications cited as “References”: 17 (In my Blog)
International Journals:  04 (With ISSN Book No.)
National level Journals: 17 (With ISSN Book No.)
Articles Published in the National level books: (14) (With ISBN Book No.)
National Seminar Volumes of different Universities: (20)
State level Journals: (30)
English & Telugu Dailies: (6)
Text Books Co-Authored: (2)
International Conferences: 02
National Seminars Attended & Presented Papers: (40)
State level Seminars: (02)
Symposium (Gokhale Institute of Politics, Pune): 01
Work Shops: 03
 Mana T.V Lessons: 01
30.  Radio & TV Progammes: 40
My Blog Address: www.vijay’
Appreciation from NAAC Peer Team - “Commendable Contribution made by the Faculty” - Dr. S. Vijay Kumar
Testimonial from Head, Dpt. of Economics from Osmania University, Hyderabad
Testimonial from Head, Dpt. of Economics from Kakatiya University 

Awards & Grants: Bharat Jyoti (Glory of India), Mahatma Gandhi Ekta Award, International Gold Star Millennium Award, Shining Star of India Award
Skills & Activities, Skills
Financial Risk Management, Banking and Finance, Investment, Financial Analysis, Finance, Corporate Finance
English, Telugu & Hindi (Urdu to speak only)
Writing Articles & Publishing, Attending & Presenting Papers in the National, International Seminars & Conferences. Delivering Guest Lectures, Free lance Writer, Independent Analyst & Researcher.

Publication Highlights:
1). FINANCIAL SECTOR IN INDIA  - Issues, Challenges & Opportunities, Excel India Publishers, New Delhi, 2017 My Article: Banking Sector in India: An Overview
Pages: 34 - 44
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Publisher: Notion Press, Chennai, 2014
My Article: Pages: 28-35
13). Macro Economics for BA 2 Year Students
14).Indian Economy for BA Final Year Students
Several Articles were Published in and Academia                                                                                  

                              RECENT FIVE YEARS PUBLICATIONS

S.No.    Name of the Journal/Book           Title of the article                Month, Year  & Book No.
 1. JOURNAL OF ASIAN             CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY      1-6, 2017                                                                                                        
BUSINESS MANAGEMENT                    IN INDIA: AN OVER VIEW      ISSN : 0974-8636 
Serial Publications (P) Ltd. New Delhi

2 . FINANCIAL SECTOR IN INDIA  -   Banking Sector in India           June, 2017
Issues, Challenges & Opportunities        An Over View                      ISBN: 978-93-86256-91-1
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8.           Yojana                                            Monetary System                           June. 2014     
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9.          Sustainable Agriculture               Indian Agriculture                               June, 2014
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       WTO, Globalization and Indian         Indian Agriculture in the context
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8    Kurukshetra A Journal of Rural            MGNREGA - A Review                       (S (qs3upsjn3knvrgbzxktzfyrg))
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13    Women Entrepreneurship:                     “Problems and Prospects of           
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15   Indian Express                                             Population is no demon               
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16. My Up loaded Articles’ to “Academia”

MGNREGA Paper.docx
Link to Article:
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20. DRY LAND FARMING WITH SPECIAL RFERENCE TO TELANGANA                          Total Citations to this Article: (1)                                               
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21. IMPACT OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN - ISSUES, CHALLENGES - AN OVER VIEW                                                                                                                                               
Links to Article:
                                  IMPACT_OF_DOMESTIC_VIOLENCE_AGAINST_WOME - IMPACT OF...

(This Article is Available in the Manhattan College, New York (USA) website as Course Material  for ECONOMICS Students)

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